Brand History


The brand was born in 2020 as an homage to Gerald Genta, a legendary Genius of Watch Horology.

The fact that he designed for the two biggest brands in the industry was too amazing to ignore. We also realized that most people who knew those two brands did not even know the existence of Gerald Genta.


In 2020, has been founded in Italy, GG S.A Company and the first collection has been launched: Legacy Collection with exclusive and Limited-Edition series with 88 pieces for the Stone Dials Line and 99 pieces for the Guillochè one, for each single reference.

Having met in the past many times with Gerald Genta and wanted to create a watch that honored him personally. The watch had an automatic Swiss Sellita movement, but then we decided to create a modified version, which we named Genius Power.

Half of the case, dial and bracelet is inspired Royal Oak and the other half part has the case, dial and bracelet of a Nautilus.

We managed to create one watch taking half a part of one and half a part of the other, making a new fusion of a unique design.

A brilliant idea that is giving us a great feedback since the beginning.

The second creation the Genius Smart watch came as an Evolution of previous collections, as we wanted to design a sport watch with a new philosophy. The Genius Smart watch comes with a Swiss Quartz movement having the same case design and idea as the Hommage but with a rubber strap.

There is also a Sunray version in the Smart Collection that has a shinny dial and has the rubber strap that follows only the Genius aqua strap. The Smart collection is very interesting and a door opener due to its comfort on the wrist (light and thinner case due to the quartz movement) and the more affordable retail

It comes in many different color variations.


Our target is both men and women for both collections.

For women it will be easier to wear the Genius Smart being lighter and for its comfortable on the wrist. There is also the frost variation in the Hommage collection that is also targeted to women and glamorous men.


The Genius Watches concept today represents the union of two worlds: that of haute horlogerie which also opens its doors to enthusiasts and connoisseurs who would hardly be able to obtain what have always been considered the master pieces of the watchmaking world.

A Genius watch was made so we all can own a piece of Gerald Genta without the restrictions which are imposed by some.


In Milan, Italy or online. Today we have just started the distribution in Europe.

In Spain we are in Marbella with Gomez y Molina and in Ibiza with Joyeria Wesselton.

We also have Royo Joyeros in Albacete.

We should start also with a new customer in Sevilla in September.

In Greece we are with Gofas with six pos. Athens, Athens Airport, Mykonos, Santorini, Thessaloniki, and Sani Resort.

We are also looking into having two agents in Germany in the next upcoming months and we have a person also interested for the distribution in the US.

Genius Watches is now an Official Member at ATIO

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